About Traci Bliss

2Longtime university educator Traci Bliss, PhD, has been a professor at the University Of Kentucky College Of Education and the Idaho State University College of Education. She has also held educational leadership positions with the Kentucky Department of Education and the Connecticut Department of Higher Education’s Institute for Effective Teaching. Since retiring from academia in 2008, Dr. Traci Bliss has served as copresident of the board for the Museum of Art and History of Santa Cruz County, a board member of the Seabright Neighbors Association, and a feature writer for the Seabright News.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Traci Bliss has garnered a number of honors, including a pair of Awards of Distinction for Exemplary Communication Using a Video Format at the Communicator Awards and, in May of 2014, a certificate of appreciation from the Santa Cruz Historic Preservation Commission. As an educator, Dr. Bliss has been recognized by such organizations as the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the Association of Educational Communications and Technology, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Her career included fifteen years as an education professor and consultant on education reform. In addition, she continues as a professor emerita at Idaho State University.


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