Natural History Museum Highlights Santa Cruz

Natural History Museum pic

Natural History Museum

In addition to being a professor emerita at Idaho State University, author Traci Bliss is an avid supporter of the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History. Her recently published book with co-author Randall Brown, “Santa Cruz’s Seabright” includes the Museum’s compelling history as well as the story of it’s historic, hundred year old building.

Traci Bliss and Randall Brown have donated all proceeds from the book to support Museum programs which focus on animal and human communities of central California. The museum features extensive exhibits on the history of the Ohlone tribe of Native Americans. A large mural displays a typical Ohlone village, and is accompanied by other images and woven baskets. The museum has one of the largest collections of artifacts from this nomadic people.

Permanent exhibits include a touch pool with living animals and plants found in inter-tidal pools. Next to the pool, visitors can examine shells found on nearby beaches, as well as bird specimens from nearby ocean and land habitats.

Another section of the museum concentrates on local ecosystems. A functioning hive provides insight into the inner workings of bee communities, and eagles and coyotes are also represented, along with owls, jackrabbits, shore birds, and reptiles.

For more information, please visit the museum’s website at .


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