A Look at the Santa Cruz Mountains Spotlight Stewardship Program

Santa Cruz Mountains pic

Santa Cruz Mountains
Image: scmsn.net

Dr. Traci Bliss is an award winning professor and experienced speaker on redwood preservation in the Santa Cruz Mountains. An environmental history writer in Santa Cruz, California, Traci Bliss engages with a number of organizations, including the Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network. She recently received an invitation to join the organization’s Spotlight Stewardship program.

The Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network was established with a goal of promoting safe, effective land use and stewardship practices at both the local and regional level. Through the organization’s Spotlight Stewardship program, prominent and influential community leaders throughout the Bay Area and Santa Cruz region can tour different lands and familiarize themselves with the various challenges facing the stewardship of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The program is comprised of four distinct sessions, with each session consisting of an on site visit and a discussion on relevant stewardship topics, from issues with water quality to the many threats posed by invasive species. More recent topics of discussion include sustainable approaches to land use and the possible effects of cannabis cultivation. To learn more about the program or to engage in a Spotlight Stewardship tour, please visit www.scmsn.net.


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